This page contains content I write for at Philadelphia RowHome Magazine and past issues I wrote for at Temple University that include Her Campus Temple and The Tab Temple. 


Philadelphia Row Home Magazine: 

RowHome Magazine caters to the Philadelphia community and features stories about tradition, businessmen and businesswomen, upcoming and talented individuals, recipes and fine dining, and events. 

Winter Issue 2018: 

prh caffe vienna's-1

prh nonna's jellyroll-1

Spring Issue 2019: 

Row Home BHH 1

Row Home BHH 2

Summer Issue 2019: 


Fall Issue 2019: 



Winter Issue 2020:

PRH_Winter2020 82-page-001

Her Campus Temple: 

Her Campus Temple is one of the many university’s that are a part of Her Campus, a top media site aimed at college women. From ‘money + career’ to ‘beauty and style’, the site covers a diverse range of topics with each university having their own stories to share.

  1. Things 8 Black Women Did and Why It Matters
  2. Her Campus Temple Consent Survey
  3. Is V-Day Worth the Hype? 
  4. 20 Thoughts Every Retail Employee Has On Black Friday
  5. How to Support Someone Who is Suicidal 
  6. BoJack Horseman: Depressing, Yet Addicting
  7. Living With Hypothyroidism: My Story
  8. Finals Week As Told By The Cast Of Friends
  9. Competition with Journalism
  10. How-to Take That “Artsy” Instagram Photo 
  11. Selena Gomez Opens Up About Mental Health in Vogue’s April Issue 
  12. My Journey to Achieve Self-Love
  13. Profile: Gail Vivar
  14. 5 Things To Remember When You Think You Hit Rock Bottom 
  15. Profile: Mia Mossin
  16. Profile: Toni Sichel
  17. This is What It’s Like to Be a College Student Living with Anxiety
  18. Profile: Colin Camerota
  19. Profile: Sydney Ferrara
  20. Profile: Julie Yeroushalmie 
  21. Stress vs. Anxiety: What You Need to Know 
  22. My Experience Seeing Bernie Sanders
  23. Walk A Mile Raises Awareness for Sexual Assault 
  24. Soaking Up Springtime: The Owl-Fashioned Way
  25. 7 Things To Do in Philadelphia During Spring Break 
  26. What is “Cuffing Season?”
  27. Her Story
  28. “Quitting” Social Media 
  29. Making Moves: Your Guide To Off-Campus Housing 
  30. 5 of Temple’s Best Hang Out Spots
  31. 6 Ways To Power Through Mid-Semester Slump 
  32. Is TUAlert Trustworthy? 
  33. Temple Rises In Ranking
  34. Temple Homecoming 2015

The Tab Temple:

The Tab Temple originated in the UK and covers more news-based stories. Similar to Her Campus, The Tab has their main headquarters yet their own individual set up among many college campuses.

  1. A Valentine’s Day playlist you’ll actually want to hear
  2. Where to get and STD test in Philadelphia: A guide to to sexual self care in the city
  3. Everything you need to know about Temple’s all women self-defense class
  4. March to End Rape Culture: What it is and the significance behind it
  5. Puppy Yoga is coming to Philadelphia
  6. Sexual Assault Prevention Week begins today
  7. A GoFundMe has been created in Jenna Burleigh’s memory
  8. Temple Student Jenna Burleigh missing since Thursday
  9. Temple Alumna Chinazo Enigwe created an online magazine for sophisticated millennials of color
  10. Temple’s medicine program is ranked in the top 1% of the world
  11. When you have a fuck buddy but you realize it’s not your thing
  12. How I’m making 2017 my year
  13. What overthinking does to you
  14. Here’s what Temple students have to say about a Trump presidency
  15. Obama and Clinton draw tens to thousands to Philadelphia rally
  16. Rocky Horror Picture Show: What to love and take from Temple’s show
  17. We asked Temple students about their favorite Halloween movies
  18. We asked Temple students if they’re registered to vote 
  19. Clown sightings reported on Temple’s campus

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