Thank you, Italy!

In October, my mom put together and booked a family trip to spend about two weeks in Italy. It was our second time traveling outside the US but our first time in Europe. It was time for us to get a better taste of our culture. Growing up in an American-Italian lifestyle, I knew and […]

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I graduated yesterday…

Yesterday morning felt like a blur. One minute I’m screaming with joy after reading my acceptance letter then the next thing I know I’m sitting in a sea of graduate students. They say college goes by fast and goddamn they were right. It’s hard to believe four years flew by and I’m not that incredibly […]

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100 Things

This isn’t a list of 100 things that make me happy—it’s a list of different experiences, feelings, and small moments that ignite a strong, positive emotion from me. Many of the things listed do make me happy but there’s so much more to it than just that one emotion. Like every person in this world, […]

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Philly’s Hidden Treasure: Graffiti Pier

When some people think of graffiti, they think of words like ‘juvenile’, ‘crude’, and ‘unskillful’ but to me, graffiti is a form of expression. Whether its random symbols or hidden messages, there is a story behind the artwork. Its connotations can be childish, emotional, crucial, entertaining, or even out of boredom–but graffiti itself isn’t boring. […]

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30 Ways To Practice Self-Love

Right before New Years, I saw my friends boast on social media about how 2018 is dedicated to self-love. In a weird way, it felt inspiring because we were encouraging each other and wishing that 2018 brings us everything we need to persist. Self-love is so important to achieve but its a journey. What will […]

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2017: My Year in Self-Discovery

Each year that passes by brings me a mix of blessings and lessons but 2017 was the year where I finally took a step back and learned to accept more about myself and grow from my experiences. I was stuck in a toxic pattern with shitty people or shitty situations and I wouldn’t know what […]

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