Creative Writing: Serenity

Hello all! I decided to do a mini challenge for myself and that is to write something new everyday for the next five days. It could be a short story, an article, poetry, or something else. As long as I write something good, it counts! Day 1: A short story about a little girl who […]

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Creative Writing: Conflicted

this short piece of text is from a creative writing fiction class I took at Temple. The assignment is called character sketch and it’s supposed to focus on mainly one character without too much description. The audience is supposed to understand who the character is and what they represent with one scenario. A phone call […]

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Creative Writing: Valentine’s Poems

Written in three different perspectives such as in love, heart broken, and seeking vengeance. ContentFingers scramble, eyes slightly squint Invested he was in his same old videogames Consisting of fighting, monsters, and magic.Fantasy or comedy Those are his preferences. Hours could pass by Before he temporarily bores Onto the next thing Is it Netflix, food or his amore? She wastes no time in crawling over to […]

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