Somewhere over the Rainbow in Fairmount

Amidst the tragedies the coronavirus brought, children shed light on the power of hope.

During my lunch break I went for a run in my neighborhood to clear my mind. Since the stay-at-home order, working out turned into my dose of ease from the lifestyle we’ve all been pressed to adjust to due to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Two blocks down I noticed on the sidewalk a bright rainbow and wholesome words that read “Be Kind” and “Be Thankful” made from chalk. An old lady sitting on her front steps next to the chalk display asked me if I liked what I saw. I smiled at her and told her I did appreciate the intent. As I got back into my run I saw another rainbow; a painting on white paper hanging in the windowsill.

I heard about children creating rainbows as a means to spread positivity and these rainbows are also a cute activity to participate in as society continues to practice social distancing.

Without thinking, I went back to the first rainbow and took pictures of it. Then I went to the second rainbow and did the same.

Located along Parish Street

Next thing I know, I was on a mission to collect all the rainbows I spotted along the areas I run. For three lunch breaks I did this and took photos between Aspen Street to Poplar Street and North 19th Street to North 27th Street.

From what I observed, the rainbows were drawn with chalk, paint, crayons, and markers. Some drawings had greetings and good-hearted words that said things like “be grateful”, “be safe”, “stay strong”, “even apart we are together”, and “we got this together”. One display gave a ‘thank you’ to all the essential workers out there hustling day to day. With that, I thank all of them as well!

Not one rainbow looked the same. The children’s creativity were expressed from their artwork and anyone passing by was sure to feel the happiness that’s meant to be spread. Although I only took part in a three-day mission, I captured 50 different displays and put them together at the bottom of this story to show ya’ll.

Bless the kids, the families, and residents who took the time out of their day to share brightness in the world.

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