Creative Writing: Trying to ‘adult’

In the summer, I wrote in my journal everyday but didn’t share my work with anyone. I wrote about the same few things and noticed they all had to do with being in my early 20’s. Being 23 is strange because I’ve experienced a lot yet my journey is nowhere near over and it’ll take me forever to process that. But as I go on with my life, I will continue to write things down that bring something out of me.


Learn to stare at your faults and not quiver.
Lock the door when the past knocks.
Find a lesson in each event you experience.
Look into the mirror and point out the beauty you behold.
Embrace laughter, smiles, and hugs.
When you are accused of wrong, don’t point your finger
at everyone else’s problems to try and justify yourself.
Say ‘shoo’ to the negative thoughts that try to dictate you.
Admit when you are wrong but do something about it.
Show yourself your inner change, don’t beg for other’s validation.
Stay close to good people and good vibes.
Put your prayers into action.
Remember all of this then get out there and do it.


You can ponder your mind to death
and drown it with endless scenarios.
You can let the fear of the unknown
wrap around you like a blanket.
You can look directly at the night sky
and wish for the miracle to occur.
You can cry it out into the universe
until your voice aches.
Or you can get up,
clear the clouded mind
and pursue things you know will come your way.
Miracles do happen
but you must remember
you can’t control the outside noise.
You can only control what happens to you.


You define who you are
You create your own power
You choose what to react to
You fight for what’s important
You attract what you want
You wake up each day and decide
‘this is how I want to spend the day’
You know what’s truly best for you
You have to depend on yourself
You must be the one to see your worth.

Your Early 20’s

Alarm. Shower. Attire.
Racing against the clock
Got to catch that train, that bus, that subway
Get a job-and a good one-and one that pays well
Don’t forget about them benefits!
“Is this really what you want to do for the rest of your life?”
‘You’re so young’ they say as the clock ticks
Friends? Social life? Me time?
What is that?
Since when did this get expensive?
So many bills to pay.
If I don’t spend money on this
then maybe I can treat myself to that.
Clothes! Gah, I have to make sure I get new clothes.
Why am I so interested in home decor now?
Clean the house. Make your bed.
Get it together.
Who am I going to marry?
Will I marry?
Who has the time for that?
Maybe someday I will?
Why am I constantly asking questions?
I need a drink.

Love is when…

When you tell people about them,
it’s almost like a story.
The way your face exaggerates
and your eyes beam with bliss.
You erupt words out left and right.
Adrenaline rushes through your body,
electrifying you every time you say their name.
People physically feel your energy
expanding into the world.
The type of energy that makes strangers smile.
They sense your happiness.
Some of them deeply crave it
and secretly wish to feel that way.

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