Creative Writing: Serenity

Hello all! I decided to do a mini challenge for myself and that is to write something new everyday for the next five days. It could be a short story, an article, poetry, or something else. As long as I write something good, it counts!

Day 1: A short story about a little girl who discovers a wonderous tree.

Jade’s eyes darted from the clock to the door. Jade’s teacher, Ms. Adams, paced around the classroom with a Shakespeare textbook in her left hand. Every few sentences, Ms. Adams attentive eyes scanned the classroom to see if any of her students lost focus. She was aware of the remaining minutes on the clock yet continued on as if she had all day.

The ticking sound from the second hand began to overpower Ms. Adam’s voice for Jade. She twisted her index finger around her tomato colored hair. It turned into a repetition of tightening then releasing until the bell finally cried.

Like a jaguar about to pounce on it’s prey, Jade’s feet moved on it’s own through the clustered halls. Ms. Adams stood up, mouth agape, at the almost unrealistic ability of Jade packing away her things, and exiting the classroom before half the class would register, it was time to go home.

Jade sprinted through the halls, her hair bouncing along her petite body. She shoved the exit door open and took off in a different direction than her peers. The books in her backpack banged against Jade’s back but she sucked it up as she made her way into the forest behind the elementary school.

Some teachers called out to her in a panic and a couple tried to chase her down but, Jade’s eagerness dared not to let them stop her.

Almost there…

Sweat formed on her face and she brushed it off with her hands. She tied her hair into a messy ponytail to prevent the further weight from holding her back. Her side bangs splashed across her face the faster she moved.

The pain in her back continued to ache so she took her backpack off and held it tightly against her stomach. From a distance she could see the tree that curled into a swirl.

Her face beamed and she picked up the pace.

The closer she moved, the more visible the tree became. It stood next to a creek with water that gleamed from the sun. The sun peaked its way through the leaves and Jade swore miniature stars filtered around the tree because of how it twinkled in the sun. The leaves consisted of a mix of colors such as mint, shamrock, parakeet, and basil. The shamrock-colored leaves were the largest while the mint-colored ones were the smallest and sprinkled around the branches. Ten branches in the shape of curves held the leaves together.  Hanging from one of the branches right above the creek was a swing put together by leaves wrapping around one another. Poking outside the tree hole were yellow and pink carnations and lilies and stems. They covered the edge of the hollow to the bottom trunk of the tree. The lilies leisurely spun in circles while the carnations shimmered.

A cardinal flew around Jade’s head as if to say hello and a hummingbird pecked at the wood. A small fox popped out from the corner of the trunk and lazily made it’s way right by the creek. It plopped down on a spot full of grass and relaxed it’s posture. It briefly made eye contact with Jade then went back to its business.

A light breeze moved past her that caused her to shiver in anticipation.

It took her back to the first time she discovered its beauty when she accidently wandered too far into the forest. Although only nine years old, she carried the adventurous personality of her grandma that allowed her to forget reality and explore what each destination had to offer. Fear plastered over her face and the thought of her parent’s panicked faces caused her to collapse to the ground in tears.

She didn’t have a clue where she was so she attempted to retrace her steps. She cautiously moved around the forest, this time paying close attention to anything that seemed dangerous or a sign she was on the right track. On her way back, she swore she saw something move from the corner of her eye; immediately goosebumps covered her body.

Her throat tightened and her body froze until she realized it was a tree that moved. Her curiosity got the best of her and she approached the tree. Seeing the flowers bloom helped release some of the fear.

Two hummingbird’s danced around the tree. Jade followed their movements where she then discovered a cardinal sitting in a nest on one of the branches. A small fox stood by the tree that startled Jade. However, instead of the fox defending itself, it almost seemed to ignore her presence by finding a spot to lie down and get comfortable.

It was quite a mystery but the fear seemed to vanish.

If it weren’t for her parents worrying to death about their daughter’s whereabouts, Jade would’ve stayed.

Next time.

It hit Jade on her way home that she couldn’t tell her parents about the magical spot because it sounded too much like a fantasy. She tried to come up with a clever lie to quickly gain their trust back so she could visit the tree again.

It took some time but an opportunity finally struck. This time, Jade took her camera and a compass with her. Her grandma taught her since she was four years old to always keep a compass with her wherever she went so she never got lost. As Jade approached the tree, she thrust her hand into her small bag and pulled out the camera.

She snapped a picture, excited to put it in her memory box but her smile turned into a disappointing frown when the picture showed only a regular tree. Her mind grew puzzled.

She wiped her eyes to see if it was all imagination. The magical tree stood in place and then it hit her, only she could see the tree.

She had a thousand questions that most likely would never be answered.

Jade discovered the tree in the middle of July and returned to it whenever she could. Now that it’s the beginning of September she isn’t sure how long the tree will last. Will it die once winter strikes? Will it become invisible to her? Was this only a once in a lifetime opportunity?

It killed her that this tree might perish once winter prevails so she tried to embrace every moment with it as she could.

She walked up to the tree and tossed her backpack to the side. She sat down with her back against the tree trunk and gently shut her eyes.

She imagined herself turning into a fairy with the power to bring life to this tree. She would carry a wand and with one simple tap the wonders of the wand would add something illuminating to the tree. She’d fly around the tree with a warm smile around her face as she watched her added creations shine.

Flowers, foxes, birds, bunnies, and deer would all be around the tree. The animals would be friendly with one another while the flowers would shimmer. The birds would sing little tunes while Jade would be sit one of the branches enjoying the site.

A small happy tear slid its way down her cheek.

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