Creative Writing: Conflicted

this short piece of text is from a creative writing fiction class I took at Temple. The assignment is called character sketch and it’s supposed to focus on mainly one character without too much description. The audience is supposed to understand who the character is and what they represent with one scenario.

A phone call woke up Nico and he quickly put the call to voicemail. He was so comfortably positioned in the comfort of his bed that he procrastinated to see who called him.

He saw that a text followed with his missed call and they came from Alicia. She alerted him that it’s been 15 minutes of her waiting in the lobby for him. His eyes went to the back of his head and he lazily rolled out of bed. He took a long stretch of his lanky body before shoving on a pair of shorts that he picked from the floor.

He checked his phone again and saw that it was a little after 2 in the afternoon. He remembered texting Alicia in the morning asking her to stop by but he soon found himself in a drowsy state after expecting her company. He texted her saying he was coming and slowly made his way to the elevator.

When he reached the first floor, Nico stood by the door that allowed guests in and he called her over. Her emerald eyes met his yellow tint eyes and immediately she scowled. He waited for her to hand in her id to the security guard. He didn’t say hi to her until they were halfway through the elevator when she came right up to him.

He first placed his arm around her and pulled her in for a moment before snaking his hand to her bottom. When they arrived at his apartment, she asked—practically pleaded for them to hang out first but Nico claimed his schedule was tight today.

He glanced at her and felt the sadness projecting but his lust took over. When they finished their steamy session, he told her she could stay for a little while he napped. He knew she wouldn’t leave so he wrapped his arm around her waist and told her to keep quiet if she wasn’t tired. He laughed wickedly at the thought of her saying all these nasty things but he knew she wouldn’t snap at him. A quick peck on the cheek and pulling her in closer was his way of apologizing.

Shortly afterword, he drifted off into a long sleep.

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