Thank U, Next 2018

During my first year of college, I mentally made a list of wishes and goals I had in my head (similar to 11:11 wishes) about what I wanted in the New Year. Looking back on it, most of my wishes leaned toward fantasy. Midway through college was when I started taking new years resolutions seriously and reflecting on what each year taught me.

I put together a theme of the year to make sure I actually learned something of value. This year gave me plenty of lessons but they’re still in progress—meaning it was more of an ‘in conclusion’ type of thing instead of automatically jumping to the next step. These lessons related most to my health and career, which is why 2019 is the year for these two to reign.

It’s not necessary for me to get into a huge spiel about the tiring journey I went through. Instead, I want to try and turn this into a positive twist. I also decided to add a touch of Ariana Grande’s single, “thank u, next” as part of the theme, hence the title of the piece. The singer released the track in November and talks about being grateful for her ex’s and tries to look back at each previous relationship as a valuable lesson.

So why add this as the overall theme as part of my resolutions? Grande’s experiences with her ex’s relates to my experiences with 2018. There’s a blend of serious and sincere, with a dash of petty.

I am thankful for the experiences, good and bad, because they contributed to helping me grow as a person. In this situation I do need to give more credit to the bad because they were the one’s that snapped some sense into me. They made me discover it’s about time I take care of my mental health while being a driven, working woman. It is possible to achieve both at the same time and for my sake, they need to be put to work.

When my career and health are rising, they leave a positive impact on other parts of my life.

I’m the type of person that likes to keep busy so with good career + happy health = more adventures for me. This also means more smiling, more hustling, more blogging, more creating, and more discovering.

Thanks for the memories 2018 but…NEXT!


A hard working woman.

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