Introducing Amberella: The Philly Artist All Over Instagram

Amber Lynn “Amberella” is a Philadelphian street artist that designs hearts and places them around the city. The hearts are romantic, heartbreaking, empowering and they add more than just capturing that perfect Instagram picture.

According to her bio on her website, the hearts stem from her personal past and present experiences that are supposed to represent honest and touching emotions for her audience.

Amberella 2
Amberella at an event hosted by Photo Pop Philly.

It all started several years ago when she went through a hard relationship and had a lot on her mind. She thought of things to say that she believes you wouldn’t neccessarily say to someone unless in a serious arguement. Some examples include ‘you blew it’ or ‘you’re poison’, which she added as part of her heart collection.

“I was listing all these bold statements, words, phrases, and I decided that I love hearts and I’m going to put them in a heart,” Amber said.

She then started reflecting on all of her relationships, emotions, and things for her diary. She found herself making more and more of the hearts that stood for something significant.

“It just became a situation where whatever I was feeling at the time I would put on the street,” Amber said.



While they hold a unique aesthetic, they aren’t just for a quick look; they’re meant for her audience to emotionally connect to them and maybe even question what the word or phrase mean to them.

Fans can find the hearts scattered around the city. When a new design is put up, Amberella will post about it to her Instagram and will mark what area of the city it’s in as the location. If you ask her, she’ll tell you the exact location but part of the fun is trying to figure out on your own where the heart is located.

Another project she’s working on are fortune cookie designs. A couple years ago, she put up one or two designs but they were short lived because of how busy she was with the hearts.

She went away to Hawaii to spend time on the fortune cookies and for a quick escape. Similar to the hearts, she releases them depending on what she’s feeling.

Amberella Fortune
Fortune located in South Philly.

“The fortunes come from different experiences I’ve had with mental health or self-care. They kind of speak to that and share awareness to that issue,” Amber said. “It can be uncomfortable to share but everyone goes through something so its important to talk about and share.”

She released about five but more are on the way. As of now, she has 20 different fortunes in the works.



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