100 Things

This isn’t a list of 100 things that make me happy—it’s a list of different experiences, feelings, and small moments that ignite a strong, positive emotion from me.

Many of the things listed do make me happy but there’s so much more to it than just that one emotion.

Like every person in this world, sometimes I feel sad, doubtful, or ungrateful. By writing down these 100 things (specific and random) I have something to remind myself that I have more good things to say or write than bad things. It’s to give myself a lesson that comes from my words when I refuse to believe advice given from others.

This list inspires me to become a happier person.

These are my 100 things:

  1. My dog coming into my room in the morning and snuggling with me in bed
  2. Dying my hair dark and having it compliment my eyes
  3. Listening to Jhene Aiko’s voice
  4. Binge watching Law & Order: SVU
  5. Intertwining hands with my boyfriend
  6. Sunday dinner with my family
  7. Getting a great work-out in when I had a stress filled day
  8. Overcoming obstacles whether challenging or basic
  9. Paramore’s music video ‘Only Exception’
  10. Taking pictures in the city
  11. Posing by murals
  12. Visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art when they have an interesting exhibit
  13. Buying a new sketchbook and feeling excited to draw in it
  14. Getting breakfast after midnight
  15. Frank Ocean
  16. Polaroid pictures
  17. Prince and Apollonia in Purple Rain
  18. When its summer and my friends and I take a late night walk
  19. Exploring Fishtown and Northern Liberties
  20. Putting on a hot song while getting ready for the night out
  21. The first facial expression someone makes when I get them something or do something unexpected for them
  22. Flowers; looking at them, taking pictures of them, watching them bloom
  23. Seeing the cherry blossoms during spring
  24. My phone case because its my zodiac sign’s constellation
  25. Being able to listen to a song that doesn’t bring back a sad memory
  26. Seeing myself grow as a woman
  27. Going to a diverse university
  28. Being friends with people from all different cultures and backgrounds
  29. Kali Uchi’s music video ‘After The Storm’ ft Tyler, The Creator and Bootsy Collins
  30. Being an editor for Her Campus Temple
  31. Getting a message from someone saying they really liked my article
  32. The color blue
  33. Poetry
  34. When my dog places her paw on me
  35. Purchasing crystals and gems
  36. The little description note that comes in the package when I buy a crystal
  37. My birthstone: Emerald
  38. Being a Gemini (even though we’re so misunderstood)
  39. Naps
  40. Feeling myself in selfies
  41. Fruit; I could live off it.
  42. Having a friend who takes dope pictures of you
  43. The photographs standing besides my lamp post because most of the pictures are when I was a kid
  44. Stepping onto the beach for the first time in the summer and the sand feels so good on your feet
  45. Touching the ocean and the water is warm
  46. Chocolate
  47. Hayley Williams different hair colors and styles
  48. Being grateful that I’m able to wake up everyday
  49. Listening to music with my headphones
  50. Sunflowers
  51. The day my mom took me to Longwood Gardens
  52. The keychain my Aunt Rita got that said “I came. I saw. I wrote.”
  53. My baby cousin, Olivia, being so free-spirited
  54. The drive to the beach (when I’m the not one behind the wheel)
  55. The Disney Princess, Aurora
  56. Being told ‘I love you’
  57. Oreos
  58. Going five years strong without eating McDonalds
  59. City hall lit up in December
  60. My white sneakers that have stars on them
  61. Looking up at the moon and the stars
  62. The numbers 12 and 21
  63. Breakfast food
  64. Especially getting breakfast at a diner after midnight
  65. My boyfriends smile
  66. My grandparents new puppy, Daisy
  67. German Shepherds and Huskies
  68. Being there for my friends when they’re upset
  69. Pajama parties
  70. Sleepovers
  71. Laser tag
  72. When bars have a cool design to them due to their pretty lights
  73. Finding change in my pockets
  74. My family
  75. Creating my own magazine in my Design class
  76. Horror movies
  77. The transition from winter to spring
  78. My leather jacket and black combat boots
  79. Telling people Mulan is one of my favorite Disney movies
  80. Writing relatable content
  81. Sitting down in a rollercoaster after impatiently waiting in line
  82. Lantern festivals
  83. Girls night out
  84. Getting my make-up done by my talented make-up friends
  85. Discovering Danny DeVito voiced Phil in Hercules
  86. Taking a quick nap after spending the day laying out by the pool
  87. Proving people who doubted me wrong
  88. Chandler and Monica as a couple
  89. Running along the Schuylkill River
  90. Making 11:11 wishes
  91. Sipping down mojitos and Moscow mules
  92. Dancing all night at the club
  93. Bar hopping
  94. Learning how to put together a video package
  95. Having the privilege to learn so much from some of my Professors and also being able to go to them for life advice
  96. Poetic Justice
  97. The heart crown filter on Snapchat
  98. Sunsets
  99. When I just catch the subway as I walk down the steps
  100. Living in the city



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