Philly’s Hidden Treasure: Graffiti Pier

When some people think of graffiti, they think of words like ‘juvenile’, ‘crude’, and ‘unskillful’ but to me, graffiti is a form of expression.

Whether its random symbols or hidden messages, there is a story behind the artwork. Its connotations can be childish, emotional, crucial, entertaining, or even out of boredom–but graffiti itself isn’t boring.

There is some type of thought or inspiration when the artist is shaking their spraycans and getting ready to coat the wall with what they think should be shown.

At Graffiti Pier, it’s more than a trail of broken down concrete that leads into the Delaware River. The place is decorated with multiple types of aesthetics and just about every corner is painted in colors that pop out at you.

A lot of the walls present signatures painted on top of one another but there are quotes, animated characters, symbols, and the cliché couple markings.

From a first glance, it seems that the designs are the same but when you take the time to explore, you’ll notice that each wall has a different look to them.



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