30 Ways To Practice Self-Love

Right before New Years, I saw my friends boast on social media about how 2018 is dedicated to self-love. In a weird way, it felt inspiring because we were encouraging each other and wishing that 2018 brings us everything we need to persist.

Self-love is so important to achieve but its a journey. What will work for some, won’t work for others but eventually we figure out the steps to take and notice how it postively affects us.

Self-love is also one of my biggest goals this year and I plan on making some big changes in my life.

I put together a list of different examples that I discovered from my personal experience or common things my friends and peers noted that worked for them. Whether it only takes one step or it takes a lot of steps, it takes a short time or long, I hope that whoever reads this achieve self-love.

You deserve it. 

  1. Call yourself out when you’re in the wrong
  2. Cut off toxic people
  3. Avoid anyone who feels threatened by your confidence and growth
  4. Take a step back and focus on your mental health when needed
  5. Surround yourself by people who want you to shine
  6. Realize how important self-love is
  7. Laugh more
  8. Embrace who you are
  9. Don’t let your flaws and mistakes define you
  10. Remember that everyone goes through this journey at some point in their life
  11. Take care of yourself
  12. Drink more water
  13. Have that extra snack
  14. Post all those bomb selfies
  15. Don’t confuse confident with conceited
  16. Check up on your friends
  17. Stop comparing yourself to others
  18. Know its okay to get stuck on the way
  19. Accept that sometimes things just won’t go your way
  20. Remember things will eventually work out
  21. Understand you’ll be happier and experience more good
  22. Be there for others but don’t sacrifice yourself for them
  23. Be self-aware
  24. Not pin people against each other (especially woman v. woman)
  25. Send daily love to your friends and family
  26. Explore more
  27. Not bother with your ex’s
  28. Move on from the past
  29. Take as much time as you need to heal
  30. Don’t be afraid of new people, new beginnings, and new experiences


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