2017: My Year in Self-Discovery

Each year that passes by brings me a mix of blessings and lessons but 2017 was the year where I finally took a step back and learned to accept more about myself and grow from my experiences.

I was stuck in a toxic pattern with shitty people or shitty situations and I wouldn’t know what to do nor did I believe I would overcome them. It was difficult to cut off what drained me and for me to actually reflect off my harsh lessons instead of just being told how I should handle things differently then continue to fall into the same trap.

While I still have a long way to go, I started to rise above and not get so consumed by life’s challenges.

2017 was a rebirth in discovering my potentail and my love for myself.  I bonded with so many incredible people–friends and professors–who helped push me through those shitty situations. They taught me to embrace who I am and take pride in being a ‘late-bloomer’ for certain cases. A lot of my self-expression came from my writing or my photography so I took advantage of that and showed people who I was and the journey I’ve been through without fear of judgement.

Here is a list of some of my favorite works or moments where I discovered something wonderful about myself.


My 2017 Goals:

  • The 1st article of the year I wrote for The Tab Temple I mentioned five things I want to accomplish
    • To love myself more, get stronger mentally, travel more, write down my memories, and continue to experience more with my friends
    • Shout out to my editor, Gail Vivar, for pushing me to write this



  • Receiving my acceptance email as a Style Guru Intern for College Fashionista 
    • They are all about the fashion but interns get to learn other aspects such as social media, marketing, connections, and bonding with other Style Gurus


Her Campus Editor:

  • I became the Campus Life & News Editor for Her Campus Temple 
    • I started writing for HCT my sophomore year as a staff writer for the Campus Life & News section
    • Occassionally I covered Profile’s and personal articles in regards to mental health, dating, and heartbreak

Magazine Creation:

  • During the spring semester I took Design for Journalists
  • It was a cool class that taught me how to use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Lightroom
  • One of the projects I made involved creating a magazine cover and the first page of it
  • The two photos I used were wall murals located in West Philly


Her Campus Self-Love Article:

  • This took a couple months for me to write but I talked about being bullied and having an eating-disorder throughout middle school and high school
    • I used to be so insecure about myself that I would constantly try to skip class or make a million excuses to not go to school
  • When I went to Temple, the bullying and the eating disorder stopped and I slowly transitioned into a healthier, happier lifestyle
    • I met so many cool people from all around the world who loved my uniqueness and what I had to offer
    • I got involved with Her Campus Temple and The Tab Temple
    • I started to look at myself differently–with more postivity and loving the little things about myself


Photoshoot with Sydney:

  • My lovely friend Sydney Ferrera took photos of me by Montgomery Parking Garage
  • I’ve done two other photoshoots with her before and each shoot she always makes me feel confident and sexy



  • Yeah he made it on here! Not because he was a personal accomplish haha but Tom made me realize what its like to be treated right
  • We started dating in April (it took him a bunch of tries to get me to go out with him hehe)


Philly Fashion Show:

  • My mom won tickets at LaSalle College High School for the Philadelphia Fashion Show at Philadelphia University
  • The Director personally pointed at me and said “You’re going to be famous” and I may or may not have internally screamed with excitement


I turned 21!!

  • I celebrated with my parents and some of my friends at the Logan Philadelphia
    • My parents and I went out to dinner at Dante & Luigi’s in South Philly
    • They were staying at the Windsor Suites for the night so my friends who weren’t 21 stopped by their room for cake and champagne
    • Then we went to a rooftop bar and gave cheers


Photoshoot with Maddie:

  • I continued on my internship with College Fashionista and as a Style Guru it was my job to get ‘models’ and capture photos of them in some type of apparel
    • Depending on the type of outfit they wore and what the theme of the shoot was, I would write up an article on the model, describe her outfit, and how/why it applies to that general theme
  • We also hung around Center City for the day



Amberella Love:

  • My favorite Philly artist always gets me in my feels whenever I find one of her works
  • I spent most of the month trying to find her hearts located all throughout the city
  • While they make me emotional, they also make me feel good inside
    • My goal in 2018 is to meet her and tell her how much I love her work


Trip to Longwood Gardens:

  • I tend to draw different flower designs and take pictures of the flowers blooming in the spring so my mom suggested we take a trip there
    • The sun was shining & the flowers were glowing
    • When walking through the garden, your mind is at ease and you just want to take a nap right next to the rainbow of flowers

Seeing the Solar Eclipse:

Her Campus Editor:

  • I became the Opinion Editor for Her Campus Temple
  • I was a part of weekly eboard meetings and biweekly general body meetings
    • We encouraged women to join and persist more with their writing, have the executive board members bond with one another, and inspire each girl that they can make their dreams come true

Started Senior Year

  • It was a weird feeling but luckily I had my two babes, Gail and Priscila, with me most of the day


Sexual Assault Awareness Week at Temple:

  • Students Activists Against Sexual Assault and Temple Student Government dedicated a week to raising awareness on sexual assault and providing strong support for survivors
    • each day of the week held a different event for survivors and allies to get together, listen to one another, and come up with ways to put an end to sexual assault
  • Amberella placed black & white hearts that read ‘worthy’ on Temple’s campus
  • I’m a survivor of sexual assault so even though it brought back some dark memories, I felt proud that so many students at Temple offered their love and support
  • The hearts made me cry but they also made me feel empowered and I would wake up each day that week and tell myself “I’m worthy”

March to End Rape Culture:

  • I covered an article on the organization and then went to their event
    • I walked through center city with a huge crowd full of courageous people and heard so many powerful speeches


  • Soon enough society as a whole will finally put an end to Rape Culture
  • My heart goes out to everyone who is a survivor and I hope ya’ll received a lot of love and support

Putting Together the Her Campus Executive Board for Fall 2017:

Here’s the link if you’d like to check out each girl I worked with:


Sharing my Struggle with Hypothyroidism:

In May I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism–a hormone inbalance–and it affected me mentally. I’d go through stages where my emotions would hit a high then suddenly I’d crash quickly. I’d get angry for a moment then sad to the point where I start crying but the real issue was trying to figure out what caused my emotions to fluctuate like this.

This pattern still occurs but since I’ve been on medication, I started to write down signs of when I was in a good mood or bad mood, what activity I was previously doing, and what I just ate. It helped me figure out what caused me to feel a certain way and how to have more control with my emotions.



Reunion with the 1st set of friends I made in college:

  • It was my friend Melisa’s 21st birhday but for day one of her birthday weekend festives, she wanted a chill night
    • we still had a bottle of champagne so the evening wasn’t that calm


Covering a Self-Defense Class at Temple:

  • Michelle Harmon teaches the course ‘Personal Defense for Women’ and its more than just lectures
    • The class meets in one of the gyms in Pearson Hall and they physically learn how to quickly defend themselves if someone tries to attack
    • Women are taught how to feel empowered and confident but they also learn what to do if unfortunately they are attacked and sexually assaulted
      • Harmon discusses rape kits, how to seal evidence if the woman is able to, and how the procedure goes when a woman is being examined for evidence on her body
    • The class takes place Tuesdays and Thursdays in Pearson Hall at 12:30pm
      • 2 credits


Created my blog:

  • Right before Thanksgiving break I met with one of my professors and she helped me put together the final touches
    • She’s one of my favorite professors at Temple so kudos to her for always being there when I need help


Her Campus and Tab Temple Slumber Party:

  • These two journalism organizations hosted a Night Owl Event in the Howard Gittis Student Center
    • the event featured DIY lip scrubs, a photo booth, board/card games, cookie decorating, DIY hot chocolate, giveaways, and food
  • We stayed in our pajamas and the event went on until midnight
  • The picture below shows me and a couple ladies from HCT setting up


Gail’s 21st:

  • the head editor of the Tab Temple and one of my closest friends turned 21
  • Gail and I met in September 2016 when I wanted to become a writer for the Tab Temple
    • she was my editor but we quickly became friends who’d help each other out when life threw crap at us
  • Some of Gail’s friends, Sierra and Jackie, are also great and I’m thankful I got to meet them

Family Reunion at Mommom & Poppy’s:

  • It’s been awhile since most of have been in a room together but my Mommom wanted all of her grandchildren with each other one more time
    • most of us came and had a wonderful night
  • My Mommom is the crazy yet lovable Italian grandma that’s always trying to shove food down our throat
    • she made meatballs, pasta, sausage and peppers, potato salad, salad, and her own pot of sangria

Trip to New York City:

  • My mom and I go to New York every winter, a couple days before New Years
  • A couple times we went with our next door neighbor Laura Mariazzi and her daughter Cassandra
  • The day is spent walking around, shopping, and being cliche tourists
    • I joke with my parents saying I’m going to live here when I graduate so fingers crossed!


Thanks for the memories 2017 but 2018 is the year where I become a happy girl that gets a great job doing something that I love!

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